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The Bureau of Building and Codes is an intricate part of the physical make-up of Mansfield. All property owners or person(s) in charge of a property should contact the Bureau prior to starting any building, demolition or zoning project for the following reasons: 1.) To verify if a permit is necessary for the project, 2.) Zoning clarifications 3.) Cost of a permit, 4.) Process of obtaining a permit and final plan approval. Many people overlook this aspect, which results in “stop work order citations” of projects.

The Bureau is also actively investigating complaints which are critical to residents within the neighborhoods of Mansfield such as miscellaneous junk and debris accumulation, weeds over 10" in height, vacant and dilapidated structures, junk vehicles and miscellaneous zoning complaints. We encourage the citizens of Mansfield to contact our office with their concerns regarding existing housing complaints. The Bureau is committed to business growth through new construction and civic pride for our existing neighborhoods in order to make Mansfield an even better place to live.



Commercial Building Plan Requirements


Residential Building Plan Requirements


Building Permit Application


Residential Electrical Meter Resets and Service Upgrades and New Service Checklists


Permit Fees


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Contact Us

Building & Codes Department
30 N. Diamond Street
Mansfield, Ohio 44902
Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 419-755-9688
Gaylord Rice Jr., Manager/Electrical Safety inspector
E-mail: Codes Manager Mailbox