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Mansfield Fire Company #1 was formed March 11, 1848 and a Fire Company Charter was applied for from the State of Ohio. The charter was granted on March 31, 1849. Mansfield Fire Company #1 operated as a volunteer Fire Company along with as many as ten other volunteer fire companies until June 22, 1884. At that time William Harman became Chief of the first paid Mansfield Fire Department. Chief Harman was paid $60.00 per month. Last year Mansfield Firefighters responded to 1,653 alarms and 6,441 EMS runs. To meet the needs such incidents require, some of our resources include, but are not limited to:

103 Sworn Firefighters
6 Engines
4 Rescue Squads
1 Hazardous Materials Response Unit
1 Cascade Airtruck (SCBA recharging)
7 Defibrillators
5 Fire Stations
2 Aerial devices
Multiple Air Bags- to lift heavy objects
3 Jaws of Life 

Fighting fires can be a time (and water) consuming business. A typical house fire will last, on average, around two hours. A major fire, however, could last eight hours or more. Firefighting will use as little as a gallon of water or as much as several thousand gallons per minute. The costs of putting out a fire are large, but the alternative may result in loss of life, property or business.

Most fires are the result of carelessness. Some common causes are smoking (particularly at parties), defective electrical wiring, cooking left unattended, misuse of extension cords, children playing with matches, and even arson. Don't underestimate how easily something as small as a cigarette or electrical plug can create a serious fire. Common EMS calls involve motor vehicle accidents (MVA's), cardiac problems, industrial accidents, etc. What kind of problem warrants a fire/EMS call, The Chief of the Fire Department says: "When in us."

To ensure a qualified staff, there are a series of hurdles one must scale to become a firefighter. There is a 240 hour state training course and a 120 hour basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) school. Fire Inspector training takes another 80 hours. Many other training programs are undertaken throughout a firefighter's career. There is a one-year probationary period that all firefighters must complete, during which their performance and how well they are suited to the job are evaluated.

Aside from rescue and firefighting, fire fighters work in conjunction with The Police Department on tasks such as arson investigations. The Mansfield Fire Department also works with the State Fire Marshall and the EPA to meet the continually changing requirements. In addition, there are a number of public service and educational programs the MFD undertakes. They take young school children in Mansfield through their "House of Hazards," where they learn how the danger of fire is real in many everyday situations, learn how and when to "stop, drop, and roll," and the importance of smoke detectors. Firefighters also install smoke detectors, for those who cannot afford to do so themselves.

Other projects are PIN and Vial of Life. PIN (Person In Need) involves the placement of special stickers in visible areas to make firefighters/rescue squads aware of a person who may have some impairment that would inhibit their ability to escape a dangerous situation. Vial of Life is a special vial (like one you would have prescription medication in) that contains vital medical information and is placed in a person's refrigerator. The presence of a Vial of Life is indicated by a sticker on a person's refrigerator. We regret to confirm, however, that the Mansfield Fire Department will NOT fill swimming pools. For that service, you must contact Mansfield's Water Department.

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