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At Large - Don Bryant

Bryant started his career in government looking for internship opportunities at the age of 22. He was determined to show people what government stood for and that with the right people in office, government could help improve the quality of life for the people of his hometown in Mansfield, Ohio.



In 2008, his public service began at the United States Senate working for Senator Sherrod Brown. Months were spent learning the means and ways of Washington before using that experience to work on the 2008 Presidential Campaign in North Dakota and parts of Montana.



Once finished on the campaign trail, Bryant returned to Ohio to work with the Mayor’s Office in Mansfield where his experience was utilized to create the Mayor’s Education Task Force. The Task Force had 70 dedicated volunteers in partnership with our public school teachers and administrators.



Altogether, the task force assisted with the improvement of academic and behavioral conditions within the Mansfield City School District by nearly 30% in one-year. Many elected officials from Richland County, Columbus, and Washington played an essential role toward helping the task force become a success.



Bryant later accepted an opportunity to serve at the state-level as a Legislative Aide with the Ohio House of Representatives. In this position, first-hand experience was acquired managing a district with a population of over 114,000.



After serving in the House, Bryant earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations with a concentration in Security and Intelligence and later, moved forward to earn his Master’s in Education focusing on Curriculum and Instruction.



Bryant currently serves as a teacher with the Mansfield City School District and has managed his own public relations consultancy, Don Bryant & Associates, since 2009.


(419) 971-DONB (3662)